About Us


We make it our business to Creatively SOUND THE ALARM about Trafficking in our every day circles of influence!  We EMPOWER & EDUCATE!  We have also begun to SUPPORT Senior Citizens - often forgotten!


One of our GREATEST JOY is when we can  ENGAGE & BUILD PARTNERSHIPS with others to collect items for the URN4G77to150 Survival Kits provided to rescued victims of Human Trafficking.  

We intend on shipping more of these kits to RESTORECORPS 

Go! SHED more light!

The flicker of ONE candle sheds some light.  Imagine 25 lit candles assembled TOGETHER!  The darkness in that area has to creep further away. 

Here's how YOU can help US be a LIGHT:

  • help us reach OUR GOAL of 77 complete Survival Kits by December 30th.  
  • WE ARE GETTING THERE!  By September 30th we have  15 completed URN4G77to150 Survival kits! We are looking now to fill 56 kits. Let us know you're interested in helping us by completing our Contact Page.
  • Pray for the safety of the victim, the  local enforcement agencies, and organizations supporting the rescue of the trafficked victims.
  • Pray for elderly who are at home or in a facility with no family to care.
  • Talk to the young people in your life!
  • Visit  Seniors in your life!
  • Visit our Store !

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Interested in Shedding more LIGHT in darkness?

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We'd LOVE to know you are interested in supporting us.  Please complete the Connect with US information listed above.